Earn Extra Fundraising $$ with every I Heart Saving Membership Sold!

Everyone loves money-saving coupons for local goods and services. That’s why we created I Heart Saving — the exciting digital coupon app that can help your charitable organization earn thousands of dollars. I Heart Saving is a turnkey fundraising tool that everyone loves because it supports you and helps your supporters and your community save money at the same time!

What we provide

Free Access

No fees to join the I Heart Saving website and app program, featuring discounts at local restaurants, retail stores and services.

Marketing Support

You’ll receive pre-designed Facebook and Instagram posts & email blasts, with customized links to your organization. We even have media releases available so you can send out to your local media.

Financial Reporting

We provide a real-time dashboard to keep track of your sales and income to date so you can keep your team motivated.


No need to reach out to your I Heart Saving members again — we’ll do it for you! You simply collect your portion.

How you get paid

Turning memberships into fundraising dollars is easy!

  1. A person buys the I Heart Saving membership.
  2. Sales are tracked digitally real-time through custom links with an embedded ID for your organization.
  3. Proceeds are deposited directly into your business account.
  4. Regular reports are available on your I Heart Saving dashboard so you can track your progress.

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