I Heart Saving consolidates the best offers from local businesses in your community — businesses that are committed to supporting charities in your community. By purchasing an annual membership and using the mobile app, you save all year on local products and services for Home & Garden, Kids, Dining, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Entertainment & Leisure, Fashion, and Pets.
See Local Coupons

Find a coupon for your favourite restaurant, retailer or service with our easy search option. Or let the app find one nearby for you! I Heart Saving features built-in Geo-Location and notifications.

Every time you redeem a coupon, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve saved. And those savings will be all the sweeter, knowing you’ve also helped a charity in your community!

When we add new coupons, we’ll update you by email or text. So you never miss out on a deal! Plus you’ll be the first to hear about special opportunities and contests.

An I Heart Saving membership makes the perfect gift for loved ones, friends and colleagues. And they’ll feel good knowing this special gift saves them money AND supports charitable organizations in your community.

How it Works

Download the "I Heart Saving" mobile app (IOS & Android)

Purchase a Membership or Give-a-Gift

Search for coupon

Show the coupon on the app to the vendor before you recieve your bill

Vendor confirms your coupon and "Redeems" it on your phone

New coupons are added regularly