Introducing I Heart Saving
The coupon app that everyone will want!

I Heart Saving is the coupon program that targets your customer AND helps your community!
Everyone loves money-saving coupons for local goods and services. Now there’s a new digital coupon app that can help you build your business, increase your profile and raise funds for local charities too!

How it Works

1 You load coupons on App
2 Customer searches coupons
3 Customer redeems coupon
4 Customer rates your service
5 Real-time reports available

It's a Great Marketing Tool!

We understand how much time it takes to run your business. That's why we've made I Heart Saving a simple, robust and cost-effective way to reach your market. Our professional marketing team provides:

Public Relations

Rating System

Data Analytics

Product Testing

Web Links

Push Notifications


Social Media Support

Point-of-Purchase Materials


Category Banners

Consulting Services

*Ask us for a complete services catalogue.